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Your most reliable yeast extract supplier

Yeast Extract is The Best Meat Alternatives For Plant-Based Products

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With a general shift from meat consumption toward a more plant-based diet, the need for high-quality, plant-based meat alternatives has grown dramatically. Previously, there were only a few options for plant-based meat substitutes, and they were generally made with questionable, highly-processed ingredients.

Since millennials and Gen Z customers are becoming more conscious of their eating habits and food choices, plant-based products are gaining popularity as a versatile meat alternative used for savory flavor and high-quality meals – and for all the good reasons.

Yeast extract is a 100% animal-free unique vegan ingredient and its taste closely resembles meat stock. It adds meaty notes to vegan cuisines and fits perfectly with the plant-based diet guidelines, fulfilling all nutritional needs. 

Reducing Meat from Diet – The Challenge 

According to research published in Science Direct, meat consumption has a considerable negative impact on the environment. While people are aware of the benefits of switching from meat to plant-based products, it can be quite challenging to reduce meat from the diet. 


Sugar-reduced, plant-based, or vegetarian diets pose difficulties for food manufacturers to make ingredients that contain the nutritional elements of sugar and animal proteins and the mouthfeel.

In order to make the meat alternatives work and live up to the high expectations of how food should taste, it is critical to remember that no one ingredient can replace the texture and mouthfeel, fragrance and scent, and visual appreciation of specific cuisines. As a result, food manufacturers must select ingredients that create a unique taste experience. That’s when yeast extract and other plant-based products fulfill the requirement in a completely natural way. 

It has been estimated that by 2040, plant-based meat analogs will become the main source of protein. Therefore, food manufacturers should use plant-based ingredients that contain intriguing flavors of meaty and cheesy qualities to make tasty vegetarian or vegan food while maintaining the nutritional requirements of plants.

Benefits Of Vegan Foods for Health

According to research conducted at Rush University Medical Center, a vegan diet promotes weight loss, reduces the risk of heart disease, manages diabetes, and lowers the chances of getting cancer. 

Plant-based products offer many benefits because they are rich in fiber, contain a variety of amino acids, essential fatty acids, complex carbohydrates with a low glycemic index, proteins, vitamins, and minerals (e.g. nitrogen, magnesium, vitamin E…).

Healthy Foods

Plant-based Food Additives Are Perfect Meat Alternatives

Many plant and meat-eaters agree that great-tasting plant-based meat alternatives make up a healthy meal. Vegetables, such as Algae, Soy, Lupin, Faba Beans, Pea, and Wheat are good sources of proteins that you can consume as meat alternatives. You can also use plant-based food additives in your vegan cuisines to mask off the freshness, aroma, texture, and nutritional value of meat.

Plant-based meat alternatives contain less saturated fat than meat as higher saturated fat intake can lead to an increased risk of heart disease. They also contain fiber and other beneficial nutrients found in greens. Whether you want to eat a plant-based burger with a meat-like texture or a soy-free veggie burger made mainly from whole grains, add plant-based meat alternatives to your burgers and enjoy the best, tastiest, and most nutritious meal.

Yeast Extract – A Vegan-friendly Food Additive 

There are many plant-based food additives, including tofu, tempeh, seitan, etc. used as meat alternatives. Most of the plant-based products are made with vegetable proteins such as peas, soy, rice, potato, and wheat that contain ‘off taste’ – a metallic or bitter taste. Yeast extract counteracts the bitter taste and prevents the molecules from interacting and producing this unpleasing taste. 

Yeast extract is a popular food additive packed with powerful nutritional content for vegans. It helps food formulators to get rid of unwanted off-notes brought by plant proteins. If you add it to plant-based soups and recipes it will offer a savory taste sensation. 

yeast extract powder
Yeast Extract Powder

Since yeast extract is an ingredient that is not derived from animals, it is compatible with plant-based products. There are various yeast extracts in the market each with its unique characteristics, that can contribute to the creation of subtle aromas. Some will enhance the flavor of the food, while others will impart an intense umami flavor or notes of particular meat. 

According to Future Market Insights, yeast extract is in demand and will account for approximately 70% of total consumption. The preference for natural food products over synthetic and chemical ingredients will continue to encourage the manufacturing of yeast extract, making it the center of attention for all plant-based product manufacturers. It also presents a new opportunity for yeast extracts manufacturers to provide more genuine extracts offering a clean label edge.

Yeast extract is an animal-free ingredient

Since yeast extract is an ingredient that is not derived from animals, it is compatible with plant-based products. Due to the taste characteristics of yeast extract, it is a good natural origin ingredient for masking off-putting aromas. It contributes umami and brown grilled notes to vegan meatballs. Thus, it can be used to simulate the flavor of red or white meat and create smoked, roasted, or grilled notes. 

Yeast extract is used in vegan food to add sugary flavor

Yeast extract is sold as a “pure and clean taste profile, natural solution,” which aims to enhance the overall taste profile of plant-based products while efficiently hiding off-notes. By incorporating 0.01-0.03 percent yeast extract into plant-based products, you can get high sweetness, a longer staying flavor, and boost nutritional content. Adding yeast extract to add sugary content in vegan foods is not harmful to patients with obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. They can enjoy the same nutritional value of sugar and the mouthfeel while limiting their sugar intake at the same time.

Yeast extract compensates for the reduced flavors in low-fat foods

Consuming too much fat can result in obesity and an increased risk of heart disease. Food makers are urged to redesign processed goods into plant-based products in order to lower their fat content. But reducing fat content results in a loss of flavor and mouthfeel. Yeast-based ingredients can help reduce fat by 30% while preserving the taste profiles and textures and providing additional health benefits at the same time. 


Since the demand for a vegan diet is increasing significantly due to several reasons, yeast extracts have become a number one choice for food manufacturers. Meatless meals are now trending with animal lovers and those who want to make a switch to a vegan diet. Hiyeast makes clean and healthy yeast extracts for health-conscious people who want to quit the guilty parts of meat but enjoy its refreshing flavor, taste, smell, and color. Our vegan-friendly food additives are healthy meat substitutes that many food manufacturers buy from us to fulfill the increasing demands of their customers.

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