How is yeast extract used in Bouillon?

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Yeast extract is commonly used in bouillon, which is a type of concentrated broth or stock, as a flavor enhancer. Here are some ways yeast extract is used in bouillon:

Flavor base:

Yeast extract is often used as a base ingredient in bouillon to provide a rich, savory taste. This can be particularly beneficial in vegetable-based bouillons, as yeast extract can help to improve the taste and texture of these products.


Yeast extract can be added to bouillon as a seasoning ingredient to enhance the flavor profile and provide a deeper, umami taste.


Natural alternative:

Yeast extract is a natural alternative to artificial flavorings and preservatives, making it a popular ingredient in healthier bouillon products.

Nutritional benefits:

In addition to its flavor-enhancing properties, yeast extract is also a source of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that can contribute to the nutritional profile of bouillon products.

Overall, yeast extract is a valuable ingredient in bouillon products due to its ability to enhance flavor and provide nutritional benefits. Its natural, umami taste can be used to improve the taste and texture of a wide range of bouillon products.

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