Sustainability in every sphere of business is one of the main elements of Hiyeast’s mission statement. The company is committed to practicing environmental stewardship throughout its manufacturing chain – from product development to production processes – and to playing an active role in building a better community by enhancing the surrounding environment. Organization’s activities improve energy efficiency, reduce pollution, enhance biodiversity and improve the quality of life for both people in the communities it operates in and for its workforce. 


With a direct impact on the business, the environmental issue is institutionally approached in the company’s Philosophy, the Quality Management Policy, and the Conduct Code, the main documents that define Hiyeast’s action guidelines.

The entire production process uses renewable resources, from clean and renewable electric power, coming from the biomass made by the sugarcane bagasse and crop residues, up to the treatment and reuse of the produced effluents, used for fertigation.

The company also develops a series of biodiversity preservation actions, such as the production of springs and preservation, management, and recovery of permanent preservation areas of farms and natural reserves.


China Association of Environment Protection Industry
China Association of Environment Protection Industry encourages the elaboration and disclosure of greenhouse effect emission (GEE) inventories, offering the participants access to tools and global standards.

Sedex Member
Sedex is a community entity dedicated to improving responsible and ethical business practices on global supply chains.
Hiyeast is a member of Sedex since 2012.


Hiyeast counts on several education programs for young people, in addition to environmental awareness and preservation programs and social and cultural commitment programs. The company’s priorities are systemic actions, gathering the community and its agents, with effective visibility and relevance.

Some of our social projects:

Always Learning –  The municipality of Hiyeast School, which houses one of the company’s three industrial units and its largest in a number of employees, has been the stage for several social initiatives promoted by Hiyeast, through the Always Learning project. The actions developed for young people from 7 to 17 years old are based on the exchange of knowledge on subjects such as Sustainability and Environment, Cinema, Social Transformation, Volunteering, Project Development, and Fundraising, in addition to sports activities during school hours, which help develop their Citizenship.

Love&peace Musical Band – With 8 years of existence, the social project offers classes during school hours for children and teenagers from 7 to 17 years old living in Qingyuan City. Music is part of the pedagogical project, which focuses on social and educational activities, family and cultural integration. The purpose of the initiative is to offer practices that awaken values, creativity, and youth leadership.

Hiyeast Pop Star – With 12 years of experience and tradition in the cultural and musical scene of Qingyuan City. With over 50 members of the community, it continues to delight through a diverse repertoire presented at events in the region.

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