Your most reliable yeast extract supplier


Your most reliable yeast extract supplier



Sustainability in every sphere of business is one of the main elements of Hiyeast’s mission statement. The company is committed to practicing environmental stewardship throughout its manufacturing chain – from product development to production processes – and to playing an active role in building a better community by enhancing the surrounding environment. Organization’s activities improve energy efficiency, reduce pollution, enhance biodiversity and improve the quality of life for both people in the communities it operates in and for its workforce. 

Environmental protection


We believe that good environmental protection is part of our company’s competitiveness. Therefore, we pursue sustainable development through a strict environmental plant system.
Every year we spend more of our budget on wastewater treatment, energy saving and emission reduction.
Through continuous improvement, we strive always to meet government standards and satisfy our communities.

Sustainable Products

We create new leading-edge ingredients that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations in the food, animal health, human health and biotrophic areas. Food applications need to provide flavor, balance taste or enhance nutritional value. For animal health, we bring powerful feed ingredients that can improve animal health while significantly reducing the use of antibiotics.

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Protecting the planet requires companies to reevaluate the way they operate. At Hiyeast, our change began with engaging employees. Their planet-first philosophy has improved operational efficiency, material sourcing and logistics. Environmental thinking is integrated into everything we do. Our dedicated engineering experts are constantly working on process optimization to produce more with fewer resources and reduce our carbon footprint.



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