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“Biotechnology benefits humanity. We would never stop our footsteps on the innovation and improvement to create a delicious and healthy life.”

-Founder of Hiyeast

Who We Are?

Hiyeast is a producer and supplier of natural ingredients. Having a strong R&D team and a deep knowledge of fermentation technology, we design and produce goods that bring unique solutions for our customers in the food industry, health care, and animal feed.

We Guarantee

-Natural high-quality products that simplify ingredient declarations.

-Individual support and technical advice meeting the requirements of today’s sophisticated food quality standards.

Expert Support

– Consulting in the field of yeast-derived products applications.

– Support in the challenge of designing formulations.

– Laboratory analyses with in-house and third-party testing.

Innovative Solutions

Our expertise in yeast-derived products applications and experience in the health, nutrition, microbiology, fermentation, and food markets. which will support you in the challenges of natural ingredients requirement and formulation. Hiyeast- your ideas, our solutions!


Our Facilities

Automatic Fermentation Tank

Automatic Fermentation Tank

State-of-the-art pilot line of fermentation and downstream process for research and scaling, the yeast population in the automatic fermentation tank efficiency.

Spray Drying Tower

Spray Drying Tower

Advanced laboratory equipped with modern facilities for carrying out research and scientific experiments to find the best solutions for existing and emerging technologies.

Our Labs

R&D Centers

R&D Centers

Our Research& Development consist of experienced professionals who take a hands-on approach in the technological process of developing new products and improving the existing yeast-derived products.

Sensory Panel

Our Expertise

 Our manufacturing capabilities offer unparalleled consulting services in addition to proprietary products specifically formulated to meet the needs of our customers with a comprehensive product portfolio.

Get to know us

Meet Our Teams

Our team is professionally trained and has been working hard with the purpose of serving our customers.

Junxian He


Cathy Lee



Food Science Specialist


Animal Nutrition Specialist


Sales Manager


Sales Manager

Customer Review

We deliver maximum value to our customers through good customer experience and fast response with a professional attitude.

Brenda Marie

Brenda Marie

"I have become somewhat of a yeast extract expert. I have been using Hiyeast products for probably 10 years now. I originally started using it to reduce the salt content for my formulation and my customers love it so much. It’s a really excellent product that has impressed me! I am extremely pleased with this! ”

Lora Spielberg

Lora Spielberg

"I use the standard yeast extract powder– great in sauces and gravies and sprinkled on stuff – so good for my food processing needs! It also helps to naturally thicken up stuff too. I really like that this is not fortified as so many others are. Love that this is pure nutritional yeast. It dissolves pretty easily. ”

Christopher Brown

Christopher Brown

"Wonderful. Every batch is as good as any beta glucan powder I've bought at a much higher cost. I am pleased. Feel like I got a great deal and an excellent product. Bought their yeast beta glucan again and am so delighted with it....will be a permanent buyer of this from now on. Great service, great product!”

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