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Kokumi YE

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Kokumi is a Japanese word meaning “rich taste.” While umami imparts savory flavor or meatiness, kokumi compounds may modify the intensity of other basic tastes to contribute to a fuller, more complex, long-lasting flavor in foods.

What is Kokumi yeast extract?

Kokumi yeast extract is used high glutamic acid yeast as raw material, processed by autolysis, separation, concentration, drying and other processes made a high glutamic acid yeast extract, which is usually called Kokumi yeast extract.

There are abundant short peptides and glutathione that enhance the food’s original tastes by providing the most powerful effect of providing umami, long-lasting and complexity, added at an extremely low level.

The benefits of kokumi yeast extract

Kokumi flavor brings foods a better taste and mouth fullness by the natural glutamic.
The vital health benefit of kokumi yeast extract as flavor modifiers is enhancing taste while reducing dietary fat, salt, and sugar.
Kokumi yeast extracts balance and intensifies taste profiles providing mouthfulness and smoothness sensations. Its applications include sauces, processed meat and seafood, meat analogs and dairy products, etc.
Allow a lower dosage than other yeast extracts; the dosage of the kokumi yeast extract is only 1/3 of the standard yeast extract. This allows the use of kokumi substances to create a consumer-preferred solution that is clean label, sustainable and cost-effective.

Kokumi yeast extract-Generation 4 YE products of Hiyeast

Kokumi yeast extract is the latest product of Hiyeast, which adopts high-tech biotechnology to develop. Now it has been taken into the market recently.

KW-1 represent the Kokumi yeast extract

Hiyeast develops, manufactures, and markets high-value yeast products. Because of Hiyeast’s knowledge and experience, we enjoy helping customers best use these products for their particular application. Deeply rooted in research and development, Hiyeast biotech has the knowledge, experience, and technical capacity to aid in the development of new products as well as beloved, time-tested household formulas.
Hiyeast prides itself on providing sustainable and clean options, empowering the food industry and consumers to follow their preferred lifestyle and culinary practices.

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