Your most reliable yeast extract supplier


Your most reliable yeast extract supplier

5 Reasons Why to Use Yeast Extract in Plant-based Recipe

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According to Mintel, 18% of Global consumers plan to eat no or fewer foods that come from animals (eg meat, dairy) over the next 12 months and 61% of Spanish consumers agree they are striving to get more of their protein from (eg beans, soy).

In this scenario, Plant-based diets have been growing in popularity, especially after COVID-19 as an approach to a healthier lifestyle. But, besides health purposes, there are many reasons for growing consumer demand for meat alternatives and since protecting animals, preserving the environment until the adventure in new flavors.

The plant-based food industry-main challenge is to create a version that delivers functionality, nutrition, and of course, taste.

low sugar diet

It´s well known that taste plays an important role in every type of diet, but building the taste of plant-based recipes in a clean label and healthy way has proved to be the biggest challenge.

Hiyeast offers solutions for many of today´s label and formulations challenges including salt, sugar reduction, vegan and vegetarian recipes and clean label initiatives, such as Natural, NON-GMO, Health and Sustainable.

Yeast Extract is a Versatile Ingredient

Hiyeast’s yeast extract is a versatile, animal-free, and natural ingredient that helps to build the taste of a wide range of applications by providing Mouthfeel, Savory, Umami and Natural Taste of its own. It naturally contains proteins, free amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Use Yeast Extract in Your Plant-based Formulation to:

1. Provide specific meaty notes in non-meat recipes

Hiyeast’s Yeast extracts have several taste profiles from red to white meat taste being suitable to help to create the taste note of chicken and meat in non-meat recipes.

Kokumi YE

2. Bring up Umami & Roasted notes

Hiyeast’s  Yeast Extracts make your recipe more delicious, bringing up different levels of Umami and Roasted notes.

3. Mask undesirable notes

Hiyeast Yeast Extract line can also help to mask undesirable notes typically associated with plant-based recipes, by creating a great savory and Umami taste impact.

4. Build up a Savory Taste Base and Mouthfeel

Hiyeast’s Yeast Extracts help to build up a savory taste foundation and improve the overall mouthfeel of the recipe, allowing from there to create a specific flavor profile by using another flavor of your recipe.

Umami food

5. Add Clean & health appeal to your product

Produced from a natural fermentation process of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast, Hiyeast Yeast Extracts are natural ingredients, and just as spices can contribute to improving the taste of foods and they could also be used to compensate for the loss of salty taste, providing overall taste balance to recipes reduced in sodium.

Hiyeast Yeast Extract Built The Taste of Your Plant-based Recipes, Including Those Reduced in Sodium


Basic yeast extract: Enhance the savory flavor of foods, providing Umami, long-lasting, complexity to the foods, Greatly brings out saltiness or sweetness and savory flavors. 

Flavored Yeast Extract: Used Yeast extract standard as an ingredient, combine another ingredient to create a new flavor note, some have notes of meat, broth, and soy sauce. 

Umami Yeast Extract: More efficient in providing Umami, also are an effective ingredient for salt reduction, MSG replacement, or masking off-tastes. added at a low level (dosage) 

Kokumi Yeast Extract: There are abundant short peptides and Glutathione that Enhance the food’s original tastes by providing the most powerful effect of providing umami, long-lasting and complex, added at an extremely low level. 

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