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Yeast Beta Glucan VS. Oat Beta Glucan

yeast beta glucan

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Most of us heard of beta glucan; beta-glucans are a type of polysaccharides for which effects on cholesterol, blood glucose, and the immune system have been proposed.
But different sources of beta glucan have different functions. This article will talk about the difference between the two main originally beta glucan-yeast beta glucan and oat beta glucan.

What’s the difference between yeast beta glucan?

Beta glucans exist with different structures depending on the source. Those different structures impact how the beta glucans interact with our bodies and when we consume them, and what health benefits are associated with them; not all beta glucans are the same. These different sources of beta glucans can have different health benefits based on their structure and functions.

Their structure is different.

Oat beta-glucans are composed of unbranched linear chains with beta 1,3 and beta 1,4 linkages. In contrast, yeast and fungal beta-glucans are composed of linear chains with beta 1,3 linkages and side branches with beta 1,6 linkages.

Their main functions are also different.

Yeast beta glucan as an immune regulator. and cardiovascular protectors

Yeast beta-glucans exhibit immunomodulatory properties. Their mode of action is quite complex because they interact with different receptors of different cell types and can act on both innate and adaptive immune responses.
It has been proposed that they interact directly with Peyer’s patches located in the membrane of the small intestine or that macrophages can ingest them with subsequent activation of other cells involved in the immune system, improving antimicrobial activity against viruses and bacteria.
In addition, beta-1,3/1,6-glucans induce leukocyte activation, increase the number of Th1 lymphocytes, balance the Th1/Th2 ratio, modulate antibody production, and produce anti-inflammatory mediators.

Oat beta glucan as cardiovascular protectors.

Oat beta-glucans act as a dietary fiber to reduce cholesterol and glucose concentrations and improve dyslipidemia and insulin resistance parameters. Daily consumption of at least 3 g of beta-glucans from oats or barley can reduce LDL-cholesterol levels and consequently reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Which type of beta glucan is better?

If you want to strengthen the immunity system, there is no doubt that yeast glucan is the first choice. Still, if you’re going to enhance cardiovascular functions, you can choose oat beta glucan, which can be selected according to different functional needs.

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One Response

  1. Hi Wendy,

    Thank you for your detailed overview of Beta Glucans (BG), much appreciated.

    Can you help me compare the amounts of BG per serving size of each of the following;

    Nutritional Yeast (NY) vs Shiitake Mushrooms vs Rolled Oats (steel cut).
    (I understand that N.Y. is similar 1,3 1,6 as mushrooms, and Oats are 1,3 1,4)

    How many BG in each per serving size to compare:

    1) 1 tsp Nutritional Yeast = ??? grams of BG

    2) 1 g Shiitake Mushroom powder (2 caps = 1000mg w/>20% BG) = ??? grams BG

    3) 1/2 Cup Steel Cut Rolled Oats (45g) = ??? grams BG

    Your insight is appreciated.

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