Your most reliable yeast extract supplier


Your most reliable yeast extract supplier

Yeast Hydrolysates

Yeast Hydrolysates

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light-yellowish to beige


Special yeast odor


Without foreign substances


Hiyeast©Yeast Hydrolysate(yeast-autolyzed powder) is a type of product obtained from autolysis catalyzed by enzymes and concentration or drying of the raw material-baker’s yeast(Saccharomyces cerevisiae). Soluble substances in the yeast are not extracted. Thus, the product is rich in high-quality proteins, small peptides, amino acids, yeast nucleic acids, vitamins, and yeast polysaccharides. Free of any excipient and carrier, this product is nutrient, natural, and safe for use. It can be used as a nutrient enhancer as well as raw high-quality protein material.


  • Adopting advanced and highly efficient biochemical hydrolysis technology, the product is free on any excipient and carrier.
  • The product is nutrient-rich, healthy, and natural and will not cause any resistance to drugs or residuals.
  • The product can optimize nutrient absorption due to the synergism among the efficacious components.
  • Functional small peptides and compound enzymes can promote highly efficient absorption of trace elements and exogenous nutrients.



Item Index
Crude protein ≥ 40%
Amino-acid nitrogen ≥ 2.0%
Mannan ≥ 8%
Nucleic acids ≥ 7%
Crude ash ≤ 9%
Moisture ≤ 8%

Dosage  (kg/t)

Poult 1.5-2.5
Piglet Creep feed:2.0-3.0;                         feed for nursery piglets:3.0-4.0
Growing livestock and poultry 1.0-2.0
Aquatic products 1.5-2.0
Ruminants 2.0-4.0
Economic animals such as foxes, raccoon dogs, and minks 2.0-3.0

Storage and Packaging

Store in a cool and dry place.

Packaging: 25Kg/bag; packed in kraft paper bag
Shelf life: 18 months from production date when stored in its original packaging.

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