Savoury flavours

Are you looking to mask off-notes or do you need to add some savoury notes to your formulation! We can offer the right savory flavour solution to round off and balance the taste of the product.

Savoury flavours

Natural glutamic acid and nucleotides are key components of yeast extracts. Thanks to a wide variety of building blocks, a natural savoury taste with umami notes can be created. Our high-standard savoury flavour solutions not only contribute to umami taste enhancement but also extend the time of its sensation, which gives the product a more spicy and distinctive meaty flavour. We develop savoury flavour solutions that deliver an unforgettable consumer flavour experience. Along with savoury solutions, our experts support you with flavour profile modulation for salt reduction and MSG substitution.



Examine the advantages of solutions:

Provide precursors for thermal reaction flavourings

Enhance the umami taste in blending flavours and aromas

Natural and safe


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