Ready meals

Do you want to simplify your product declarations list making it more natural? Do you want to clean the label and balance the taste and flavor of your product? If so, you should discover our ready meals solutions.

Ready meals

The speed of modern life dictates new trends in food consumption and one of them is undoubtedly ready meals that help to save cooking time. However, there is a significant probability that taste is lost during the production of ready-made food products. In addition, an artificial aftertaste typically appears, because of the addition of large amounts of monosodium glutamate. Our Extracell Yeast Extract is a natural ingredient and the perfect solution for MSG replacement. It helps to enhance the natural taste, without losing any of the nutritious properties of the final product. We also provide expert support for the development of your product. 

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ready meals

Examine the advantages of solutions:

Enhancement of meaty notes

Taste balancing

Highlighting of meaty flavor

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