A new generation of organic selenium

selenium yeast

Selenium (Se) is an essential trace element for human and animal health, so adequate levels in the diet are critical. It can be provided through raw materials or additional selenium supplementation. Some of the essential effects of selenium are related to maintaining optimal antioxidant status and immune function. Selenium has a vital role in reducing […]

Soluble feed ingredients: Hydrolyzed Yeast Cell Wall (MOS)

Hydrolyzed Yeast Cell Wall (MOS)

The applications of liquid feed have become an is growing interest nowadays. This includes feed ingredients for use in water, milk replacers, liquid premixes, liquid feeds, injectables and supplement buckets. The benefit of administering feed ingredients via liquid carriers is that they can be administered as soon as it is determined that the animal needs intervention. This is […]

MOS yeast walls: intestinal health and animal welfare


Livestock health challenges Early weaning in piglets is often accompanied by reduced growth and diarrhea; post-weaning diarrhea is usually related to the proliferation of one or more strains of enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC) in the gastrointestinal tract.Several nutritional strategies have been tested in recent decades to optimize the weaning transition and minimize enteric pathologies (Lalles […]

Autolyzed Yeast and Its Implications in Animal Nutrition

Autolyzed Yeast

Introduction Fungi- autolyzed yeast, is a byproduct of the wine industry in history. It contains considerable amounts of vitamins and enzymes which improves animal performance in fattening or finishing. Autolysed yeast can be added to diets to decrease ammonia emission from the rumen and improve the digestibility of nutrients. In dairy cows, autolyzed yeast improves […]

5 Reasons Why Use Beta-Glucan In Pet Foods


The number of pet dogs and cats worldwide exceeds 4.1 billion. $ 121 Billion dollars future growth of the pet food market. Purified yeast beta-glucans are natural ingredients that benefit a lot for the pets. See below 5 reasons why: 1. BOOSTING PETS’ NATURAL DEFENSES Who does not want to live longer and healthier lives, and to be […]

Benefits of Application of Yeast Cell Walls in Animal Husbandry

Animal Husbandry

Introduction The need to improve animal health and performance has pushed for the application of yeast cell walls (YCWs) in the animal feed industry over the past few years. In the past, dietary supplementation of YCWs in animal diets was primarily based on their nutritional value. According to various statistics, proteins comprise around 20-30% of […]

5 Questions To Ask Your Yeast Products Supplier in Animal Health

Animal Feed

Yeasts and their products use as feed additives can be found as far back as the 1920s. It’s documented as its benefit to the ruminants. However, since yeast technologies have been used for a century, there is still some market confusion surrounding yeast-derived products as feed ingredients. If you want to know more about yeast […]

Benefits of Dietary Supplementation of Yeast Cell Wall in Aquafeeds


Introduction Aquaculture is the fastest-growing food production sector in the world. To sustain this rise in the growth of aquaculture, adequate amounts of resources are needed for aquafeed production. Traditionally, the aquaculture sector has been reliant on fishmeal and fish oil as significant resources. However, much recently, the aquaculture sector’s dependence on marine ingredients has […]

Benefits of Yeast Cell Wall For Animal Health


A Yeast Cell Wall (YCW) is described as an insoluble component of Saccharomyces cerevisiae- popularly known as Brewer’s yeast. It is derived by hydrolysis of S. cerevisiae, and it is extracted after the cytoplasmic contents of yeast have been separated.Regarding animal nutrition, YCWs are quite useful since they are a source of a vital prebiotic […]

Selenium yeast – a natural source of organic selenium

Selenium yeast uses in animal

What is the best way to deliver selenium to farm animals? Selenium is a trace element crucial for immune system reproduction and general cell protection in animals. However, most countries regulate the level of selenium allowed in feed. So it’s important to choose the most effective form. In this article, we will talk about the […]